Twin Wire Security Fencing System

Twinwire Duofence flat mesh panels are made from 8mm diameter horizontal & 6mm vertical galvanised steel wires that can be poly powder coated (PPC) in a variety of RAL colours including the popular green (RAL 6005) and black (RAL 9005). Commonly used for perimeter and security fences at schools, playgrounds, sports grounds (cricket nets), car parks and retail premises.

Twin wire security perimeter fencing


The twin wire mesh system is one of the most popular wire mesh panels systems delivering a superb perimeter fencing, while providing security from intruders. The twin-wire system is made from 6mm diameter vertical wires welded between two 8mm horizontal wires (the twin wire system). This design provides super strength, while providing security and great visibility. The mesh aperture is 50mm wide x 200mm deep (2″ x 8″ inches).

The twin wire mesh fencing system is supplied in 2500mm wide panels in various heights of 0.63m, 0.83, 1.03, 1.23m, 1.43m, 1.63m, 1.83m, 2.03m, 2.23m, 2.43m, 2.66m and 3.03m. Twinwire Duofence flat mesh panels are galvanised and poly powder coated (PPC) in a variety of RAL colours including the popular green (RAL 6005) and black (RAL 9005).

The 868 clip twinwire panel mesh system is a  cost-effective security fencing to prevent access to your premises. The unique clip system prevents tampering with 90º angled returns and are fitted into threaded post inserts. For added security they are fixed in place using anti-tamper security fixings. For quality assurance and added peace of mind, the system also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences. Ultimate One’s twin-wire mesh panel and post systems are quick and easy to install for perimeter or boundary fencing around schools, car parks, retail premises and public buildings.

Thick twin wire security fencing
Vandal poof post and fixing system for 868 Duofence
Strong fixing and post system for Duofence twin wire panels
Twin wire access gates for 868 security fence panel system
Professional post and panel fixings

Typical Applications

  • School Perimeter fencing
  • School playgrounds
  • Public Building fences
  • Business parks and industrial estates
  • Car Parks
  • Retail Premises
  • Security applications


  • Twin 8mm dia. horizontal wires
  • 6mm vertical wires
  • 2500mm wide panels (2.5m)
  • Heights:  0.63m, 0.83, 1.03, 1.23m, 1.43m, 1.63m, 1.83m, 2.03m, 2.23m, 2.43m, 2.66m, 2.86 and 3.03m
  • Galvanised before welding and PPC coating
  • PPC Coated (Poly powder coated) to RAL Colours
  • 50mm x 200mm mesh aperture (Horizontal – 2″ x 8″)
  • Post centres: 2520mm
  • Post 60mm x 60mm to 80mm x 40mm (Dependant on height)

Twinwire Mesh Panel Sizes

  • 630mm high x 2500mm
  • 830mm high x 2500mm
  • 1030mm high x 2500mm
  • 1230mm high x 2500mm
  • 1430mm high x 2500mm
  • 1630mm high x 2500mm
  • 1830mm high x 2500mm
  • 2030mm high x 2500mm
  • 2230mm high x 2500mm
  • 2430mm high x 2500mm
  • 2660mm high x 2500mm
  • 2860mm high x 2500mm
  • 3030mm high x 2500mm

The twin-wire mesh panels are supplied flat, and can be coated to a colour of choice and are also available pre-galvanised. The posts for this system are a square hollow section manufactured from high quality steel, and are  secured by means of a simple clip system and anti-vandal bolts (tool provided).

The Duofence 868 twinwire mesh system delivers a strong and effective security fencing